Young Adults Housegroup

We run a housegroup for young adults (aged 16+) on Tuesday nights. We meet most Tuesdays except the 1st Tuesday in the month where we join the main Church prayer meeting. The housegroup runs from 19:30-21:00, and we meet in a leader's house for a more relaxed meeting.

We aim to disciple young adults with sound bible based study; in a safe environment where they can openly discuss questions. We want them to learn how to study the bible and practically apply it.

We usually start the evening sharing what's been going on in our lives. The housegroup is a place where we support each other with prayer and friendship, to build each other up to become more like Jesus. Then we have a bible study, where we encourage the youth to dive into God's word. It's a relaxed evening and we have a lot of fun and good fellowship.

Any young adults (16+) who want to join please contact John Phenix ( 01202 604562).