Lis Webb's Baptism Story

Thursday, 10 November 2016
What a joyous occassion we had last Sunday to hear Lis Webb's Testimony and to witness Pastor Tim baptise her as part of the morning worship service. 

Lis has g
iven permission for us to publish her testimony here on the church website and to include photographs.  Please scroll down to see all four photographs and to read her testimony.


Lis’ Testimony

I gave my life to Jesus when I was 30. Coming from a non-Christian background, I wasn’t looking for God in any way that I was aware of, but in his mercy He came looking for me. When we moved to Merley, the first people we got to know were Christians, and Rachel invited me to a number of evangelistic meetings at Canford Church, where I heard the Gospel clearly explained for the first time.

I’d had a grandmother who believed in God, but her God had seemed to me to be a stern and unforgiving God. I’d learnt about Jesus at school of course, but I’d never heard the real story. Believing myself to be a relatively good person, I hadn’t known that I was actually a sinner in desperate need of a saviour. It was news to me that God is a Holy God, and therefore my sin condemns me to death, but I discovered that He is also a gracious and merciful God who sent His only son Jesus as the Saviour I needed, to take my place and die on the cross, bearing my sin.

More than that, in rising again He gives new life and enables me to come before God clothed in His righteousness, with eternity in His presence to look forward to. Over the next few weeks, by the grace of God, all this came into focus for me clearly and one night I knelt down, confessed my sins, repented and believed.

However, my walk was not smooth in those early years – I struggled to believe that God’s promises stood firm, since my feelings did not, and there was a period when I walked away from Him. In His mercy, He drew me back to himself. Since then, although there have been hard times, dry periods and occasional times of doubt, I have learnt to trust Him and to walk in that newness of life He promises to those who believe.

I have learnt that He is a God who pro
vides in every sense of the word, who knows me through and through, who enables me by His Spirit to live a different sort of life, who walks with me in hard times and amazingly allows me to partner with Him in His plans for the world. If I had to pick a clear moment when I knew that He understood my heart it would be when I was crying out to Him about how hard it was that He had called my son to mission on the other side of the world, and He clearly said to me “I sent my own Son away”.

I have moved from a place where I thought that being a Christian was all about me, to understand that actually it is all about God and for His glory. I still have so much to learn. I don’t use every day wisely. I sin on a daily, if not hourly, basis.  But I know that He is changing me by His Spirit, and that every battle won takes me one step nearer to being like Jesus.

Since I’m clearly not 30 any more, many of you may be wondering why it’s taken me so long to be baptised – 34 years to be precise, and it is a question I’ve been asking myself in recent months. I think the answer is this, though it’s not one I’m proud of, since it means I didn’t seek to understand the scriptures for myself, and haven’t really revisited the subject since.
I became a Christian in the Anglican tradition, at a time when, if you had been christened as a child (which I had) you couldn’t be baptised as an adult – confirmation was the only option. At that stage of my Christian life, I knew little and understood less so I got confirmed and in my head I’d ticked the box of baptism. Every time I read verses in the Bible that spoke of being baptised I thought I’d done what I needed to do.

Coming out of the Anglican church has caused me to look at a number of things differently, though I am very grateful for excellent Bible teachers in those early years at Canford. Reading God’s word now, He has shown me clearly that baptism means baptism! I need to be baptised, not for salvation of course but from obedience and to show union with Christ. Jesus Himself was baptised. He commands it and I can see that not to be baptised is disobedient, when I am seeking to be obedient to Christ in all areas of my life. In fact it is probably the easiest command in the Bible to obey!

As I move into what is I believe is going to be a new chapter in my life, I want to echo this cry of the heart from that great missionary Hudson Taylor –Oh to desire His will to be done with my whole heart, to seek His glory with a single eye, to realize more of the fullness of our precious Jesus, to live more in the light of His countenance, to be ever looking to Him, treading in His steps and awaiting His speedy return.

Lis                                                                                                   6th November 2016