Mens Fellowship

As a church we believe that God has called men to loving, sacrificial leadership in church and home and that they need to be helped in doing this. We also realised that men needed a place where they could speak openly about their struggles, concerns, doctrinal issues, and find support, encouragement and teaching.

That gave us the idea of starting a men’s fellowship. We meet every month to see how God’s word speaks into our lives. The format varies. Sometimes we will watch a sermon or talk from the internet and then discuss it. Other times we follow a bible study guide, to work through a topic or a book of the bible. Each year we attend a men’s convention, recently the Bournemouth Men’s Convention.

We don’t have any age constraints. We feel that church should be intergenerational and this needs to be reflected in our men’s fellowship. The discussions are open and robust, no question is off limits (well nearly no question). Our goal is to equip men to be the leaders God designed them to be.