A Brief Note on the Indelible Signature of God
Created by Jon Taylor - Saturday 01 Jun 2019
Jon Taylor
A Brief Note on the Indelible Signature of God
A seasoned tracker will be able to identify from the spoor of the creature they are following, the identity of the creature, the approximate size and in some cases by taking measurements of the markings of the prints a likely indication of gender as is the case with tigers. By observing the distance between prints forming a gait, an indication of the speed of the animal can be estimated and by the freshness and warmth of the scat (dung) how recently the animal has been in the vicinity. The contents of the scat reveal the subject’s diet.  In addition, scratch marks on a tree reveal something of the animal’s height and of the length and power of the claws themselves. In some ways this is similar with how a crime scene investigator can observe the marks left by the culprit and their weapon.
From the scene of a crime, an investigator will attempt to acquire fingerprints and will sometimes take samples from drinking vessels for traces of saliva or trace a footprint to a particular item of footwear. They will also try to find hair samples, DNA samples, look at the imprints of damage and build up a picture of what happened and how.
Books have been written such as ‘The Signature of God’ by the late Grant Jeffrey and more recently ‘God’s signature’ by Steve Maltz expound how God has in many ways revealed Himself through His Word, His Son and how He has interacted from times of old and throughout history with mankind. The Ten Commandments were written by the finger of God and it is a strange irony that some purport to believe in the Ten Commandments yet still claim to deny God. Nonetheless, God’s moral law is written into our conscience.
The handwriting on the wall in Daniel 5 is where we get our common expressions ‘the writing is on the wall’ and “weighed and found wanting” from when King Belshazzar famously brought in the golden vessels from the Jerusalem Temple and praised the gods of gold and silver, bronze, iron, wood and stone. God intervened by writing the verdict of his actions and numbered the days of his kingdom. He found him wanting and his kingdom would be divided between the Medes and Persians. The Bible is consistent in exalting the greatness and uniqueness of the Lord Jesus Christ and that His kingdom unlike other empires is an everlasting dominion that cannot be diminished.
Jesus took on flesh and walked on earth as fully God and fully Man. Jesus made disciples. Despite persecution throughout the ages the church is prevailing, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.
The incarnation and resurrection of the Lord turned our world upside down and changed history forever. Our timeline is divided by B.C. and A.D. Every time you look at a calendar or use a coin remember that. As one missionary newsletter explained recently, prophesies about Jesus the Messiah are like indelible fingerprint evidence pointing to who God is and what He has done. There are a wealth of prophesies concerning the birth, life, events, ministry, death, resurrection and even the ascension of our Lord. Sadly, few are like the noble Bereans who read the scriptures for themselves to see if the things that the Apostle Paul preached were true.
Where do we go from here? Follow the evidence. Trace the fingerprints to the author.  Read the most widely read book in the world and examine its claims seriously and see how it intersects with history past, present and future. The Scriptures were penned by humans but were inspired by God. They are God breathed and bear His hallmark as an ancient document or seal bears the signature of the owner and the author. Frankly, the world is a mess and we need fixing, but we are incapable of fixing ourselves. The giver of life is the only One that is strong to save us  and only God can fix our inherent sin nature and make us righteous before Him. He gave Himself as a substitutionary atonement for our sins which separate us from a Holy God. The Creator knows His creatures better than they know themselves since He created them and wrote the manual. If we want to know our Creator, we need to humbly read His Word which will point us to Him and show us how to live and to be reconciled to Him.
Saturday 01 Jun 2019